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Born in Carrara on 12th April 1972, Michele Monfroni received his basic training in art and sculpture from an early age by frequenting his father Luciano’s studio.
In 1993 he obtained a diploma from the “Pietro Tacca” Professional Institute of Marble in Carrara, and immediately began working in the studio producing classical and contemporary work. He subsequently forged his own artistic path, richly characterized by existential and expressionistic features which are removed from figurative representation and delineate smooth shapes, replete with organic vitality, and emblematic forms in which the human figure emerges as a central living, breathing element of his sculpture. The development of this personal artistic path left enough room for experimentation in new visual languages of communication, merging a lithic material such as marble with wood, commingling forms and combining their value to give life to representations as interpretations of reality.

International Sculpture Symposium – Carrara – 2001
Sculpture on display / Scultura in Esposizione – European Parliament, Strasbourg – 2003
Personal Exhibition – H.Excelsior – M. di Massa, – 2004
Personal Exhibition – Montecarlo, H. de Paris – 2005
International Sculpture Symposium – Carrara – 2005
Gallery Art Modern – Ginevra – 2006
Giorni d’Arte / Art Days – M. di Carrara – 2010
Marble Weeks – M. di Carrara – 2011
Giorni d’Arte / Art Days – M. di Carrara – 2011
Marble Weeks – M. di Carrara – 2012
Giorni d’Arte / Art Days – Marina di Carrara – 2012 “End in Nation” – Collettiva Museo del Marmo – Carrara – 2014
Torano & Notte – Carrara – 2014
Campionato del mondo “Melges 20” – Creazione trofeo – Riva del Garda – 2014

Fosse del Frigido – Massa – 2007
(Inaugurated by the Speaker of the House of Commons, Fausto Bertinotti)

Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Agriculture
Michele Monfroni obtained the qualification of Master Craftsman (n. 379/2013 – september 3, 2013)


Marble Sculptor – Massa Carrara (MS) 28 giugno 2014