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Stages and Courses

Take part and Experience the art of sculpture
To be a protagonist

Sculpture courses in Carrara, the bithplace of marble

A unique and unforgettable encounter with the art of sculpture, in the magical setting of the quarries of Carrara, the birthplace of marble. An extraordinary location full of history and culture, a vibrant place where time stands still to make room for thought and creativity.

Sculpture Courses

The art of sculpting marble

In this magical context, the artist Michele Monfroni teaches marble sculpture to all those interested in learning the ancient art and trying their hand at a form of artistic expression that made the immortal Michelangelo Buonarroti famous. These courses are for both beginners and more advanced sculptors. In the first case, students are given a gradual introduction to sculpting tools, materials and methods, culminating with the realization of a creative idea. In the second case, sculptors develop their own ideas and carry out sculptural works under the guidance of the Master Sculptor.

Tools and materials - Assistance

Hammers, chisels, points, steps

Participating students have the option to hire or buy a complete sculptor’s tool kit (hammers, chisels, points, steps). Each student will also be provided with:
– a block of white Carrara marble measuring 30x20x20 cms o cm 40x20x20
– electricity and compressed air connections
– covered work space
– certificate of course attendance
Once the course is completed, Studio Monfroni will assist students in shipping their sculptures to destinations of choice (packing and couriers).

Equipments and Responsibility

Protective equipment such as safety gloves

In compliance with health and safety regulations, each student participating in the course is required to wear personal protective equipment such as safety gloves, shoes and glasses. Should students not have these items, suitable protective equipment will be provided for them by Studio Monfroni. Furthermore, students must make sure they have personal accident insurance.


Accommodation and food

For all hospitality, food and lodging requirements, our Studio is partnered with some nearby B&B.